The Bridge Burners

Fifth Session

04/16/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 05: I Shall Rise Again
The 9th Squad entered the final cavern in the abandoned gnoll lair in search of the missing loggers. There in the large unlit cavern they encountered a wyrmling dragon and more kobolds slinking about in the dark. From his time spent infiltrating training at the Golden Citadel of Paladine, Corporal Venture recognized the small dragon as a breed that would not normally consort with evil humanoids and based off this info Sergeant Wolff instructed the team to negotiate with the dragon instead of attacking it.
Meanwhile another Kobold Wyrmpriest emerged from the shadows unlike typical Blackscale kobolds this creature was an odd pale ashy color not unlike spent charcoal. This kobold began to fire powerful orbs of thunder at the squad while its minions engaged the PCs. The dragonborn Samash worked on turning the wyrmling to the Bridge Burners cause while it halfheartedly attacked Skua the warforged imperial messenger.
As the minutes ticked by the squad’s momentum built towards victory and the bodies of kobolds began to pile up. Incendius, Dorim and Sgt. Wolff were eventually able to corner the Wyrmpriest while Skua continued to wrestle with the dragon. The 9th struck down the Wyrmpriest only to see a black shadowy substance begin leaking from the corpse’s eyes, mouth etc. One of you will make an excellent host proclaimed the ghostly shadow.
A terrifying psychic assault hit everyone within 30 feet of the shadow spreading fear, pain and confusion throughout the group and causing some squad members to strike one another amid the confusion. In a final plea to reason, Samash was able to convince the wyrmling to flee the scene as the group focused its attention on the new shadowy undead menace. Suddenly a glazed look passed over Sgt. Wolff’s eyes as he turned and gashed Dorim with a mighty chop of his axe felling the stout dwarven warrior.
Finally the creature succumbed to the squad’s focused might and dissipated leaving nothing behind but a final warning “I shall return”. The Bridge Burners decided to collapse the cave entrance in the hope no other humanoids will settle there.
The 9th Squad headed back to the Log’s Landing and informed them of the fate of the missing loggers. Finally they headed back to Brookhollow for some good food and drink at Cutter’s Inn . That night Sgt. Wolff revealed to the squad that the shadow creature that had dominated him had resembled one of the sketches in Deepest Shadow. The sketch in the book was supposed to be the likeness of Paige Deatheyes an apprentice of the Lich King.
The group reviewed its options and between investigating the murders in Axis, rejoining the 2nd Army in its siege, unearthing the sealed treasures under Castle Overlook, or reporting for duty in Drakkenhal. They chose instead to investigate the Waste east of Brookhollow. Rumor has it Tacks the Miller knows a bit about the waste so they decided to pay him a visit in the morning.



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