The Bridge Burners

Fourth Session

04/09/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 04: The Gnollwood

After safely escorting Lia and the other freed slaves back to Brookhollow the group spent the night at Cutter’s Inn. Amid rumors of Kobold activity in the Gnollwood the 9th squad decided to head to Log’s Landing to investigate. Arriving at the docks they interviewed the loggers and their foreman an elven woman named Maerwin. The squad learned that over the last couple weeks the loggers had been suffering hit and run attacks by Black Scale Kobolds after years of logging in relative peace. The most recent attack drove off the loggers and left 3 of them missing.
The 9th squad resolved to head to the logging camp and see what they might learn of the fate of the 3 missing loggers. Upon arrival they found signs of battle but no bodies. Eventually they located kobold tracks along a game trail and decided to follow them. The tracks led back to a small clearing in the forest where they were attacked by some kobold lying in wait. The creatures were over matched by the prowess of the Bridge Burners and were defeated relatively easily. They creatures seemed to be guarding an old abandoned gnoll cave in the base of a hillock adjacent to the clearing.
After a short rest the squad entered the cave. There they found a large chamber divided by a dark fast moving stream. There hidden in the dark were organized kobold warriors and slingers. After a heated battle the 9th squad emerged victorious despite being doused with glue and set on fire repeatedly. The Sergeant found himself in a few tight spots during the fight and decided they would take a short rest to recover before exploring further.



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