The Bridge Burners

Second Session

03/26/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 02: Beneath the Mausoleum

Victorious in their battle with the undead occupying the Hall of Heroes in the mausoleum the squad discovered the central statue in the crypt was used to conceal an excavated shaft leading into the darkness below. Resolved to see what lies below the group decided to take a short rest before descending into the unknown. Around that time a messenger arrived bearing a message from Pearl that senior Talons in and around Axis were being eliminated and advising him to stay away from the capital. The messenger also advised the squad that a party of villagers was on the way to the Churchyard only 5 minutes away.
As the 9th arrayed itself for battle Rockjaw sought the roof of the structure for high ground to employ his bow. After a brief parlay battle ensued. Despite the dark blessings of Naran the evil priest Kor was slain along with a few ruffians from the town. Otis and the remaining thugs surrendered and after being thoroughly interrogated were put to death for their part in the priest’s slaving operation. The squad got their first glimpse of the terrible price Incendious must pay in souls as one of their foes was sucked down into a hellish rend in the ground.
After a short rest the group continued its descent below the mausoleum and found extensive tunnels had been excavated below the churchyard. The squad’s Talon managed to detect disarm the several traps while exploring the excavation. They discovered and defeated undead and glimpsed movement in the darkness ahead. The 9th found Kor’s hidden chamber Where Lia’s husband was being held prisoner. They escorted him to the surface and braced themselves to face the darkness.



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