The Bridge Burners

Sixth Session

04/23/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 06: quid pro quo

The 9th Squad of the Bridge Burners, in preparation for an exploratory trip into the waste, pays a visit to Tacks the Miller. Arriving at the Mill in the morning the squad is greeted by Tacks himself. After hearing of the group’s interest in the waste he has a proposition for them.
Tacks informed the squad that he was a young scout attached to the 2nd Army when it laid siege to and destroyed Castle Overlook. He tells Sgt. Wolff he is concerned about a couple outlying farms overdue for delivery and offers to tell the group everything he knows about the siege and The Waste in exchange for the 9th’s agreement to investigate the farms and resolve any situations within their power to do so.
The Bridge Burners arrive at the Kinney Farm and see signs of battle and detect both goblin and dire wolf tracks. Although the trail was a week old the squad was able to pick it up and begin following it. The squad had some difficulties following the trail and blundered into a pack of Goblin Worg Riders. The creatures surprised the group and inflicted several wounds before being defeated.
This attack provided the Bridge Burners with a fresh trail to follow which eventually led them to the goblin den. The goblin den is a stinking mound of dirt, debris and fallen trees. Its single yawning entrance was littered with leavings and junk. After scouting the perimeter of the goblin made hill for another way in the 9th decided on a frontal assault.
The interior of the hill was filthy. The walls were made from packed dirt, rocks and branches held together by spit and excrement. The floors and ceilings were made of the same material. Upon entering a horrid odor assaulted their senses, an unwholesome blend of filth, sweat and smoke. The squad attacked the bugbear sentries and in doing so came under fire from the cunning goblin archers.
After defeating the sentries the group explored the large common room beyond the first chamber and took a short rest to bandage their wounds. While doing so a strange creature charged out from darkness and attacked Skua. It began to rust and devour the metallic components of his construct body and the group had to act quickly to save him. As they surrounded and assaulted the creature some sort of living green slime globules emerged from the same passage and began to try and envelop the closest members of the team. Samash discovered first hand that the slimes secreted a strong acid which came very close to killing him when he was covered in it. Both Skua and Samash managed to survive and the Bridge Burners took another short rest before exploring the rest of the den.



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