The Bridge Burners

Third Session

04/02/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 03: Tunnels and Pits

The Bridge Burners continued their exploration of the tunnels beneath the Mausoleum after the rescue of Tory Spellsong. They battled a pack of black scaled kobolds led by a Wyrm Priest. The battle was hard fought but the might of their barbarian and some timely healing by Samash proved to be the difference in the fight. After regrouping for a short rest they pressed on in search of the Lia and the missing slaves.
After ambushing a pair of dwarven zombies the squad tracked them back to the current point of progress in the excavation of these tunnels. Incendius and Dorim concluded that they were less than 100 yards away from the ruins of Castle Overlook and the great marble seal.
The 9th explored the remaining tunnels wearily due to the frequent signs of cave- in. Eventually they discovered a large cavern that reeked of human filth and waste. Their goal in site the group charged in and engaged the undead arrayed around the slave pit. The Bridge Burners prevailed in the struggle without any casualties and were able to free the 19 surviving slaves including a grateful Lia Spellsong.



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