The Bridge Burners

Sixth Session

04/23/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 06: quid pro quo

The 9th Squad of the Bridge Burners, in preparation for an exploratory trip into the waste, pays a visit to Tacks the Miller. Arriving at the Mill in the morning the squad is greeted by Tacks himself. After hearing of the group’s interest in the waste he has a proposition for them.
Tacks informed the squad that he was a young scout attached to the 2nd Army when it laid siege to and destroyed Castle Overlook. He tells Sgt. Wolff he is concerned about a couple outlying farms overdue for delivery and offers to tell the group everything he knows about the siege and The Waste in exchange for the 9th’s agreement to investigate the farms and resolve any situations within their power to do so.
The Bridge Burners arrive at the Kinney Farm and see signs of battle and detect both goblin and dire wolf tracks. Although the trail was a week old the squad was able to pick it up and begin following it. The squad had some difficulties following the trail and blundered into a pack of Goblin Worg Riders. The creatures surprised the group and inflicted several wounds before being defeated.
This attack provided the Bridge Burners with a fresh trail to follow which eventually led them to the goblin den. The goblin den is a stinking mound of dirt, debris and fallen trees. Its single yawning entrance was littered with leavings and junk. After scouting the perimeter of the goblin made hill for another way in the 9th decided on a frontal assault.
The interior of the hill was filthy. The walls were made from packed dirt, rocks and branches held together by spit and excrement. The floors and ceilings were made of the same material. Upon entering a horrid odor assaulted their senses, an unwholesome blend of filth, sweat and smoke. The squad attacked the bugbear sentries and in doing so came under fire from the cunning goblin archers.
After defeating the sentries the group explored the large common room beyond the first chamber and took a short rest to bandage their wounds. While doing so a strange creature charged out from darkness and attacked Skua. It began to rust and devour the metallic components of his construct body and the group had to act quickly to save him. As they surrounded and assaulted the creature some sort of living green slime globules emerged from the same passage and began to try and envelop the closest members of the team. Samash discovered first hand that the slimes secreted a strong acid which came very close to killing him when he was covered in it. Both Skua and Samash managed to survive and the Bridge Burners took another short rest before exploring the rest of the den.

Fifth Session

04/16/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 05: I Shall Rise Again
The 9th Squad entered the final cavern in the abandoned gnoll lair in search of the missing loggers. There in the large unlit cavern they encountered a wyrmling dragon and more kobolds slinking about in the dark. From his time spent infiltrating training at the Golden Citadel of Paladine, Corporal Venture recognized the small dragon as a breed that would not normally consort with evil humanoids and based off this info Sergeant Wolff instructed the team to negotiate with the dragon instead of attacking it.
Meanwhile another Kobold Wyrmpriest emerged from the shadows unlike typical Blackscale kobolds this creature was an odd pale ashy color not unlike spent charcoal. This kobold began to fire powerful orbs of thunder at the squad while its minions engaged the PCs. The dragonborn Samash worked on turning the wyrmling to the Bridge Burners cause while it halfheartedly attacked Skua the warforged imperial messenger.
As the minutes ticked by the squad’s momentum built towards victory and the bodies of kobolds began to pile up. Incendius, Dorim and Sgt. Wolff were eventually able to corner the Wyrmpriest while Skua continued to wrestle with the dragon. The 9th struck down the Wyrmpriest only to see a black shadowy substance begin leaking from the corpse’s eyes, mouth etc. One of you will make an excellent host proclaimed the ghostly shadow.
A terrifying psychic assault hit everyone within 30 feet of the shadow spreading fear, pain and confusion throughout the group and causing some squad members to strike one another amid the confusion. In a final plea to reason, Samash was able to convince the wyrmling to flee the scene as the group focused its attention on the new shadowy undead menace. Suddenly a glazed look passed over Sgt. Wolff’s eyes as he turned and gashed Dorim with a mighty chop of his axe felling the stout dwarven warrior.
Finally the creature succumbed to the squad’s focused might and dissipated leaving nothing behind but a final warning “I shall return”. The Bridge Burners decided to collapse the cave entrance in the hope no other humanoids will settle there.
The 9th Squad headed back to the Log’s Landing and informed them of the fate of the missing loggers. Finally they headed back to Brookhollow for some good food and drink at Cutter’s Inn . That night Sgt. Wolff revealed to the squad that the shadow creature that had dominated him had resembled one of the sketches in Deepest Shadow. The sketch in the book was supposed to be the likeness of Paige Deatheyes an apprentice of the Lich King.
The group reviewed its options and between investigating the murders in Axis, rejoining the 2nd Army in its siege, unearthing the sealed treasures under Castle Overlook, or reporting for duty in Drakkenhal. They chose instead to investigate the Waste east of Brookhollow. Rumor has it Tacks the Miller knows a bit about the waste so they decided to pay him a visit in the morning.

Fourth Session

04/09/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 04: The Gnollwood

After safely escorting Lia and the other freed slaves back to Brookhollow the group spent the night at Cutter’s Inn. Amid rumors of Kobold activity in the Gnollwood the 9th squad decided to head to Log’s Landing to investigate. Arriving at the docks they interviewed the loggers and their foreman an elven woman named Maerwin. The squad learned that over the last couple weeks the loggers had been suffering hit and run attacks by Black Scale Kobolds after years of logging in relative peace. The most recent attack drove off the loggers and left 3 of them missing.
The 9th squad resolved to head to the logging camp and see what they might learn of the fate of the 3 missing loggers. Upon arrival they found signs of battle but no bodies. Eventually they located kobold tracks along a game trail and decided to follow them. The tracks led back to a small clearing in the forest where they were attacked by some kobold lying in wait. The creatures were over matched by the prowess of the Bridge Burners and were defeated relatively easily. They creatures seemed to be guarding an old abandoned gnoll cave in the base of a hillock adjacent to the clearing.
After a short rest the squad entered the cave. There they found a large chamber divided by a dark fast moving stream. There hidden in the dark were organized kobold warriors and slingers. After a heated battle the 9th squad emerged victorious despite being doused with glue and set on fire repeatedly. The Sergeant found himself in a few tight spots during the fight and decided they would take a short rest to recover before exploring further.

Third Session

04/02/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 03: Tunnels and Pits

The Bridge Burners continued their exploration of the tunnels beneath the Mausoleum after the rescue of Tory Spellsong. They battled a pack of black scaled kobolds led by a Wyrm Priest. The battle was hard fought but the might of their barbarian and some timely healing by Samash proved to be the difference in the fight. After regrouping for a short rest they pressed on in search of the Lia and the missing slaves.
After ambushing a pair of dwarven zombies the squad tracked them back to the current point of progress in the excavation of these tunnels. Incendius and Dorim concluded that they were less than 100 yards away from the ruins of Castle Overlook and the great marble seal.
The 9th explored the remaining tunnels wearily due to the frequent signs of cave- in. Eventually they discovered a large cavern that reeked of human filth and waste. Their goal in site the group charged in and engaged the undead arrayed around the slave pit. The Bridge Burners prevailed in the struggle without any casualties and were able to free the 19 surviving slaves including a grateful Lia Spellsong.

Second Session

03/26/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 02: Beneath the Mausoleum

Victorious in their battle with the undead occupying the Hall of Heroes in the mausoleum the squad discovered the central statue in the crypt was used to conceal an excavated shaft leading into the darkness below. Resolved to see what lies below the group decided to take a short rest before descending into the unknown. Around that time a messenger arrived bearing a message from Pearl that senior Talons in and around Axis were being eliminated and advising him to stay away from the capital. The messenger also advised the squad that a party of villagers was on the way to the Churchyard only 5 minutes away.
As the 9th arrayed itself for battle Rockjaw sought the roof of the structure for high ground to employ his bow. After a brief parlay battle ensued. Despite the dark blessings of Naran the evil priest Kor was slain along with a few ruffians from the town. Otis and the remaining thugs surrendered and after being thoroughly interrogated were put to death for their part in the priest’s slaving operation. The squad got their first glimpse of the terrible price Incendious must pay in souls as one of their foes was sucked down into a hellish rend in the ground.
After a short rest the group continued its descent below the mausoleum and found extensive tunnels had been excavated below the churchyard. The squad’s Talon managed to detect disarm the several traps while exploring the excavation. They discovered and defeated undead and glimpsed movement in the darkness ahead. The 9th found Kor’s hidden chamber Where Lia’s husband was being held prisoner. They escorted him to the surface and braced themselves to face the darkness.

First Session

03/19/13 – Bridge Burners recap – Session 01: 9th Squad Reformed

The two survivors of the Sun Falls incident having recuperated from their injuries are summoned to the
Imperial War Academy in Axis. There they received orders to reform the decimated 9 th squad and rejoin
the 2nd Army in its siege of Marad. When they got to the recruiting station there were slim pickings.
Two dwarves a barbarian and to add insult to injury some sort of Anthropomorphic Hare from another
dimension was the last available scout left on the list. Somewhere off in Marad, Whiskeyjack had to be
laughing. The 9th squad gathered its supplies and prepared for the long journey to the western frontier.
Just prior to their departure the squad leader was called to a meeting with an enigmatic fellow named
Pearl (who was clearly a Claw agent). He presented you with new orders bearing the Imperial Seal,
directing you to find and aid a bard named Lia Spellsong, in a hamlet called Brookhollow. It seems she
has friends in high places.

The squad arrived in Brookhollow, made contact with the locals. Everyone remembers Lia but it seems
they already left the Inn. Corporal Venture managed to locate a secret compartment in the room they
stayed in and in it found a small notebook, a broken amulet, and a torn pouch with a letter inside. By
reviewing the last few journal entries it seems like Lia disappeared approximately 10 days before they
arrived. It also seems that both Lia and Tory received separate notes asking them to go to Log’s Landing
late at night regarding “great evil”. The amulet appears religious in nature but no one in the squad
recognized it. The squad stayed in the common room until closing but failed to gather much information
beyond the history of the village and that of Castle Overlook. (One might attribute their difficulties to
the presence of a Red Draconian or a giant talking rabbit from another dimension or even to a dwarven
warlock preaching the virtues of the Diabolist, go figure) Rather than spend any more time canvassing
the town or its inhabitants the 9th decided to investigate the castle ruins at first light.

Setting out they detected that their departure from the inn was followed closely by the halfling hunter/
trapper Otis Benbough. Ignoring this coincidence they set out east to the plateau on the edge of The
Waste where the castle ruins lie. At the eastern point of the plateau they saw the reconstructed Temple
of Valor and headed up the winding road past the old churchyard to the ruins. They searched the area
and found signs of Lia and Tory’s presence including a small map of the ruins scratched onto a stone.
A star was marked onto the map that corresponded to a spot they had begun to excavate. Beneath
the rocky soil was a massive marble burial marker approximately 30 feet in diameter. The dwarves
standing on it or touching it get a sense that the slab is unnatural and unsettling in some way. This is an
instinctual thing tied to the dwarves uncanny ability to identify unusual stonework.

Feeling that they had fully explored the accessible portions of the ruins the 9 th headed back west to the
nearby churchyard. There they discovered signs that the great mausoleum had been opened and closed
frequently. Inside they discovered that the Hall of Heroes from the battle that razed Castle Overlook
had been defiled and those heroes bodies animated by some malevolent force. The battle with these
terrible creatures was won without casualty. Searching the area at the conclusion of the battle revealed
scratches in the floor at the base of the central statue which when moved aside revealed a shaft into the
darkness below.


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