The Gods

Gods and Religions of the World

The Great Church The Lords of Heaven: All that is holy and sacred. Together they represent life, its many wonders and its prolific disappointments.

Urian God of Air and Sky
Rontra Goddess of the Earth
Shalimyr God of the Water
Eliwyn the Tree of Life
The Nameless One the Creator God

The Gods of the Tree
Morwyn Goddess of Healing and Wisdom
Terak God of War and Valor
Zheenkeef Goddess of Wine, Madness, and Inspiration
Tinel God of Magic, Knowledge, and Truth
Mormekar God of Death and Rebirth

The Gods of the Womb
Maal God of Law and Justice
Darmon God of Travel Wealth and Joy
Aymara Goddess of Love and the Arts
Korak God of the Forge and Artisans
Anwyn Goddess of Home, Hearth, and Servants

The Three Sisters
The Triad the Goddesses of Familial Unity
Naryne Goddess of Nobility
Canelle Goddess of Victory and Strength
Thellyne Goddess of Woodcraft, Nature, and the Hunt

The Gods

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